Our mission and vision

Beets can form a better, more important and more valuable part of our diet and therefore also of the Fruit and Vegetables category. We can realize this mission by linking together the growing of beetroot, processing possibilities and product developments from a category approach.

Involved throughout the entire project


The foundation, the beets, are grown within a healthy crop rotation at the farms in the Netherlands and Spain. Size, sweetness, freshness and the type of end product all determine the planning and growing specifications under which this takes place. Organic farming and the associated working methods are the starting point here.


The products are processed into the various different end products at the farm in the Netherlands. The facilities have been developed in such a way that the specification and presentation can be steered by the category requirement. Any by products that are left over during peeling and processing, are reused as cattle feed on the farm and will therefore find their way within the cultivation cycle.


Many years of experience, a passion for beetroot and the innovative range go hand in hand with the support in terms of inspiration. By developing a specific category support program we can let consumers become part of the joy, fun and convenience of beetroot. This can be done in stores, in magazines or in our experience centre. 

From growing to inspiring